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Panda Jump
Panda Jump
Panda Jump
Panda Jump
Panda Jump
Panda Jump
Panda Jump
Panda Jump
Panda Jump

Review Panda Jump

Sergei Petrov
Panda Jump - This is a colorful arcade game for Android clever about a panda who really need to get on top of the ancient tree. That's just it's so high that to run from the first to the top of our first time, probably will not work. How, in general, and in the second, and the third, ... and there is a vertex at all? Thus, our problem - how to run a longer distance and do not fall down.
Development of the game deals with a little-known studio RedAntz, which is releasing a couple of unsuccessful games, decided not to come up with an original idea, and almost completely take developments from the very popular arcade NinJump, replacing the scenery and the main character in the funny panda. Pandas love is much more than a ninja, so the game will definitely succeed.


Control of the game is relatively simple, and can be learned in a few minutes. All we can do is to click on the screen to perform a jump on the next bamboo branch. Thus, jumping from branch to branch, we not only need to dodge enemies and collect various bonuses.
The game has three types of enemies, for which you can get bonuses - are evil birds, wild monkeys and fire fox. To get the bonus, you must knock down a row of three enemies of the same type. If we first sobem two foxes, and then a bird, then the counter is reset, and now it will be a reasonable course of search of birds, because one has already been shot down by us.
After the bonus, we're on time is speeding up and gain an interesting shape (in each case is different), where a few seconds can run forward and not be afraid of enemies. In addition to the enemies, the game also features various obstacles and ledges as roofs of buildings and poisonous snakes.

Features Panda Jump for Android:

  • Beautiful graphics and great animation;
  • 10 mini-quests;
  • Very simple operation with one finger;
  • The game is suitable for all age groups;
  • Excellent tool to kill the time.
The disadvantages of the game, we can refer except that it is secondary to NinJump. Still, over the same game, it would be a big difference. But on the other hand, a new game with a panda in the title role has a nice graphics and looks better than its predecessor.
Summary. Panda Jump - this is an excellent arcade game for Android, which will be useful in order to kill time in five-minute intervals and when absolutely nothing else to do but play something smart and sophisticated does not want.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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