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Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Review Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Brandon Girod
Good animations, deep mechanics, fun gameplay
Very lengthy tutorial
Pokemon Shuffle for Android is Nintendo’s first foray into the world of mobile gaming, and they’ve done pretty well for theirself. Not that they shouldn’t have. They made a Super Mario Puzzle and Dragons game that was also good, and this really isn’t too far of a departure from that.
So, as are most mobile games, this is another typical match-three game. The good news is that this one actually has a bit of depth because you can catch and train Pokemon. In this game, you can actually pick up tiles and put them anywhere you want. This means you can potentially set up some absolutely huge combos, which will be important to do later in the game.
True to the original Pokemon games, this one attributes elements to Pokemon that you catch and you’ll need to set up your team based on the element of your opponent. You can do this before you get into a match. Your support team supports up to 4 Pokemon, and once you assign them you can then click a button that automatically optimizes your team based on the enemy.
In the game, you need to match the Pokemon with the greatest elemental strength against the enemy in order to defeat them as quickly as possible. After they’re defeated, you’ll have a base capture percentage that increases based on how many moves you have left.
Pokemon Shuffle looks fantastic, the animations are great, and for a match-three game there is a lot here. If you’re a fan of Pokemon, Nintendo, or match-three games then this is one to check out.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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