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Review HellFire

Jay Feldman
Neat graphics, interesting plot, one-finger controls
Too easy, very common, dependence on in-app purchases
HellFire for Android combines familiar game elements to make something interesting with high impact visuals. It’s essentially a fantasy card game with multiplayer capabilities.
HellFire charges you with the task of sealing the gates of hell. They’re such crappy neighbors with possessed and demented pets that are always digging holes in our yard; those inconsiderate effin’ pricks. The app is essentially a card game with some pretty cool visuals. The plot smartly adds some actual skill to the mix, so you’re not just watching conflict unfold while you do virtually nothing.
The play is familiar; enemies appear on the top two thirds of the screen, while your cards and allies appear on the bottom. The skill part involves flaming, glowing orbs that you flick at your enemies in this turn by turn style play. Truthfully, all you need to is swipe and point, and the exactly where your finger stopped onscreen, so the skill element is questionable but it's better than nothing. Kill all the enemies before they kill you. The game adds some interesting elements, like the ability to evolve your allies or even sacrifice weaker ones for the betterment of the stronger ones; it’s survival of the fittest sort of stuff.
The graphics are quite nice and have a strong visual impact. The animation however, is really nothing special. It renders well but doesn't really match the intrigue of the graphics. But I liked the strong fantasy element and it kept me engaged.
HellFire surprisingly held my interest. I typically find games like this boring, but the strong visuals and interesting allies kept me intrigued. I think the play might get a little monotonous over time though. There simply isn't much going on and the play is utterly predictable. But if you enjoy fantasy card games, this one does a good job of bringing everything to life while still remaining true to its origins.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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