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Review Foozle

Sergei Petrov
Foozle - a very simple and addictive puzzle game for Android physical with a lot of very challenging levels, which will last for a few hours of play. Of the puzzle is that we need to throw off the red earth of creatures and it does not prevent a fall yellow creatures.
Engaged in developing a game studio Noodlecake, gave us such puzzles as Huebrix and Continuity 2 . In this game, we get to the weird but wonderful world. The creatures here are able in one moment to change its shape from square to round. This property we will use to push the evil red monster down.
The very idea of ​​the game is not entirely new, like a puzzle appeared a few years ago, including the platforms Android and iOS, but as we tried, so remember their names and could not.


Each level consists of a number of platforms that are being. As a rule, the platforms have slanted view, and all the monsters by default, in a square shape. To force the monster to change the form, simply click on it with your finger.
The entire game is based on physics, so the monsters will roll round in a given direction, pushing everything in its path. We also can make the monster back to square. The whole complexity of the game is that, in the correct sequence to activate and deactivate the monsters to have fallen outside the red level.

Features Foozle for Android:

  • Bright and colorful hand-drawn graphics;
  • More than 75 levels with increasing levels of complexity;
  • Three of the world;
  • Many types of monsters with unique abilities and physical parameters.
The developers have also come up with creativity to create tips, here they do not show the correct move, but only hinted at, and in a joking manner-level solution. 2 player is available free of charge the first world, 50 levels, the last world is bought for $ 1 off with advertisements in the game. Rather modest fee for such an interesting and fun puzzle.
Summary. Foozle - this is an interesting and very challenging puzzle game for Android, you can safely recommend patient fans of the genre, for the passage of many levels, it will take a few attempts.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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