Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt
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Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt
Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt
Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt
Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt
Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt
Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt
Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt
Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt

Review Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt

Brandon Girod
Great controls, fun characters, lots of chaos
Character progression is lacking, the extended tutorial is too long
If you’re looking for a shooting gallery then Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt for Android is definitely the game for you. You play as a ton of characters that you will unlock over the course of the game, and the game throws are number of different objectives at you to keep things fresh and interesting throughout.
You start off with a pretty long winded tutorial, which is necessary to a degree, but could definitely be tapered down a bit. The main idea is that you’ve got a part of three heroes that you can use to completely annihilate waves of pirates. There is a joystick to aim and one to control your character. Your character can only move left and right, similar to a shoot’em up, but you can aim pretty much anywhere.
The controls are actually one of the game’s biggest strengths. I can’t confirm, but there appears to be some sort of aim assist, which goes a long way to making the game feel really fluid and easily accessible for any type of player. The on-screen buttons are some of the best I’ve played in a game.
Heroes are also really big part of the game, and you’ll stumble across a decent amount right out of the gate. About twenty minutes into the game I found myself with a good mix, and the best part is that each hero feels unique. There is usually a theme around them and the way they move and shoot is all different from other characters in the game. You can also level heroes up and enhance them so they become stronger and stronger.
Game difficulty was pretty flat. I didn’t feel like it got progressively harder on a noticeable scale, but going from one chapter to the next, I could definitely see enemies taking longer to kill, and they were dishing out more damage, too.
Captain Heroes: Pirate Hunt is a game that I actually found myself thinking about how much fun I was having with it. There is a stamina system, but I never came close to using it all, and the controls were so well done that my only focus was blowing away every pirate I could spot.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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