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Dodo Pop
Dodo Pop
Dodo Pop
Dodo Pop
Dodo Pop
Dodo Pop
Dodo Pop
Dodo Pop

Review Dodo Pop

Brandon Girod
Insane production value, great sound, organic feeling
Uninteresting subject
What do Dodo birds and Disney have in common? I have absolutely no idea, but Dodo Pop for Android is a mashup of the two and the game’s incredible production value is the perfect indication of that. In this game you’ll match and collect gumballs as you travel across a bunch of different islands.
So a lot of matching games require you to do all of the actual matching by drawing paths to connect them all, but that’s done away in this game. Instead, you simply tap on a gumball and every other gumball that’s touching it and touching it will all be collected. Now, that might seem like the game is too easy because you no longer have to worry about drawing paths out, but that’s not the case at all.
Every level you play will have various objectives and the game will spread around the gumballs so that you have to match irrelevant gumballs in order to group everything all together, which can actually be more difficult than simply matching everything you need to. Less than ten levels in I had already needed to start over because I didn’t group up star gumballs together correctly.
At the beginning of the game you’re prompted to enter your age because the game does have some in-app purchases that revolve around power-ups. Honestly, power-ups are totally unneeded, though. Unless there is a point in the game’s hundred levels where you simply cannot pass one without power-ups.
What truly impress me about this game are the stunning visuals and sound. The animations just look absolutely gorgeous. Gumballs don’t always settle immediately and the game feels like it’s alive due to how organic the animations look and feel.
Dodo Pop doesn’t have the most visually interesting subject, but the visuals themselves are absolutely fantastic. The gameplay is also well balanced and engaging. I’d definitely take this game over the plethora of other games just like it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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