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Crash Of Bones
Crash Of Bones
Crash Of Bones
Crash Of Bones
Crash Of Bones
Crash Of Bones
Crash Of Bones

Review Crash Of Bones

Brandon Girod
Solid controls, lots of power-ups
Boring gameplay, confusing player perspective, drab level design
When it comes to brick breakers, I'm a big fan. That said, I'm also really critical when someone comes along with a new take on it. Crash Of Bones for Android is one of those games that has a cool idea, but the execution is just poor.
Let's start with player perspective, which is probably the game's biggest issue. Brick Breaker shows the game played out from a side angle that's perpendicular to what's going on. Why? Because the player can see everything. This game puts the camera behind a knight who uses a bomb, or something, as a bowling ball. The ball will bounce off the night and hit crates or enemies. The problem is that I missed returning the ball more than I should simply because I couldn't see exactly where the ball was once it reached a certain distance from my character. This is unacceptable.
The gameplay is actually quite good. You'll need to collect game currency while also trying to "dribble" the ball off objects. The playing board is much smaller than other brick breaker games, so you have to react much faster, and sometimes there are enemies on the board which must be destroy before they reach you. There are also all kinds of ball power-ups you can buy with in-game currency to level the playing field. If all of this sounds kind of cool, it's because it kind of is. Except that camera angle really messes things up.
The level design also isn't that great. You're destroying barrels, skeletons, unlocking chests.. all aboard what looks like the same ship.
Crash of Bones could use a new camera perspective and some more art assets to breath some life into the game. What's there isn't bad, but the player perspective really ruined things for me and it's not something I could find myself getting past.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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