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Immortal Blade
Immortal Blade
Immortal Blade
Immortal Blade
Immortal Blade
Immortal Blade
Immortal Blade
Immortal Blade

Review Immortal Blade

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, story driven
Story is poorly translated
Immortal Blade for Android is a MMORPG that touts itself as a truly massive multiplayer experience. In this RPG, you can play as one of two classes, a warrior or a tao monk. In the game, you’ll fight monsters complete quests, and go on raids.
I’ll be straight with you, I never really did do much playing in this game. It’s one of those RPGs where you can just have the game walk you through literally the whole thing. Much of my experience revolved around accepting a quest, waiting for my character to walk somewhere, maybe automatically fight its way through a crowd, and then turn everything in. Rinse, repeat.
Sure, you could do all of these things yourself, but why would you? The combat is incredibly boring, half the time the monsters don’t even fight back. Your character auto attacks anyway, and you have a few usable skills that are tied to cooldowns. You’ll gather new gear that you can equip your character with, and you can learn and upgrade new skills. That sums up my entire experience with the game.
The story is forgettable and shallow. An ancient evil comes back, kills your master, and you find out that you have to save the world. The problem with the game being so focused on story is that the text is poorly translated, so any sense of emotion the game tries to invoke is crushed when you read it.
Unfortunately, Immortal Blade is just another boring MMORPG. There is almost no gameplay, character progression isn’t very interesting, and the game presentation itself just feels cheap.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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