That level again 2
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That level again 2
That level again 2
That level again 2
That level again 2
That level again 2
That level again 2
That level again 2
That level again 2

Review That level again 2

Brandon Girod
64 mind bending puzzles, good music
Terrible controls, puzzles become totally obscure
That Level Again 2 for Android is a logic game that puts you in charge of a character that just wants to leave his house. Unfortunately, he can’t. Every time he grabs the key to get out of the house, he just finds himself right back where he started. And, oddly enough, getting out of the house becomes more difficult every time.
We’ll look past the fact that the game only features one level. After all, that’s kind of the point here. There is one level, but 64 different stages. That means the developer came up with 64 different ways to force the player to get out of the same house.
In the beginning, I was having a lot of fun with the game. The controls are pretty terrible, though. You’ve got left and right arrows, and another arrow that allows you to jump. Sometimes you won’t be able to jump and move in a direction at the same time, however. And sometimes you’ll need to use your finger to tap on the screen, which confuses the game because it also thinks you’re trying to move. This lead to plenty of needless deaths.
The puzzles were fun enough, though. You’ll get a very small message at the top of the screen that gives you an incredibly vague hint at how you’re supposed to grab the key so you can get out of the house. In the beginning it will be things like you trying to moving the key without picking it up, or without jumping. Unfortunately, the further you get, the more obscure the puzzles begin to get.
In one level, I was supposed to use my finger to pick up and move a door, however, the vague hint didn’t really do much to let me know that. You see, there is a hint system that doesn’t cost money, but does require you to watch an advertisement. And the deeper I got, the more reliant I became on using the hint system. Suddenly, watching a 30 second advertisement after every level became unacceptable.
That Level Again 2 is a really fun logic game that quickly loses its charm the further you get in the game. Ads become more prevalent and puzzles become more obscure, ruining what fun I found myself having in the beginning.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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