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Doggy Dog World
Doggy Dog World
Doggy Dog World
Doggy Dog World
Doggy Dog World
Doggy Dog World
Doggy Dog World
Doggy Dog World

Review Doggy Dog World

Brandon Girod
Features lots of destruction
Controls aren't great, gameplay is subpar, the game feels like a goat simulator knockoff
Doggy Dog World for Android is pretty much exactly what it looks like. It's a poor attempt at copying Goat Simulator. Rather than playing as a goat, you play as one of three dogs and go from mission to mission trying to complete various goals that are assigned to you in each level.
Look, there are bad, bad games and then there are good, bad games. The difference lies in how the game is coded and what kind of stance it takes. This game doesn't try to take itself seriously, which is great, but they also didn't really seem to take anything else seriously either.
The controls consist of an on screen joystick and a button you can press to make your dog jump. I'm not sure what scenario would arise that you would need to jump in, but the option is there. The movement controls are really finicky. If you want to point exactly at a single object then good luck. And that a shame because most objectives will have you destroy x amount of various items. It's frustrating to do that when you have to constantly fight with the controls.
That brings me to mechanics a day level design. You can pretty much run into any object and blow it up like you're driving around in a tank, but you're not. You're a dog. You also have access to a stock of dynamite, but I haven't really found a use for that either.
The objectives for each level can change, but they're ultimately about causing a much destruction as you can. Levels aren't designed very well either. You'll sometimes see a fire hydrant on the sidewalk and then another right next to it in the grass.
I really can't say I enjoyed what I played of Doggy Dog World. The game is an obvious Goat Simulator knock off, but they didn't bother to try and make it fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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