Voxel Invaders (Free)
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Voxel Invaders (Free)
Voxel Invaders (Free)
Voxel Invaders (Free)
Voxel Invaders (Free)
Voxel Invaders (Free)
Voxel Invaders (Free)
Voxel Invaders (Free)
Voxel Invaders (Free)

Review Voxel Invaders (Free)

Brandon Girod
Great graphics, smooth controls, wonderful animations
Repetitive gameplay, bullet hell comes early
I pretty much knew I was going to like Voxel Invaders for Android the first moment I looked at it. As long as it wasn’t some ad-infested mess of a game that is. Turns out it’s not, and I was right.
If you’ve never played Space Invaders then this might be a somewhat new experience for you, but while these games have a lot of similarities, this one is very much its own best. That’s mainly because this game isn’t afraid to throw a little extra difficulty at you right off the bat.
So this game is about shooting invading aliens out of the sky with bullets. The grunt invaders will slowly descend from space in a left-to-right motion. Fortunately, there are other enemies (and newer enemies) to shake things up. Some bigger ships will take more than one shot to destroy and descend faster. Other ships will fly in kamikaze formations. The biggest diversion from the original game is the amount of bullets you’ll be dodging. Ships in this game aren’t afraid to shoot at you, and you’ll definitely find yourself in some awkward situations as you try to protect earth.
Another weird inclusion is this first-person mode that’s really just uncomfortable to play through. In it, you can’t really see how close some ships are in relation to your position, and sometimes enemies are simply “invincible” because you can’t even maneuver yourself into a position to shoot them anyway.
Power-ups exist in the game, but they’re limited to short time limits. These are things that will instantly destroy anything caught in a ring of death, or give you different attack patterns.
Voxel Invaders is a great shoot’em up, and a good mobile version of the original game. The graphics are updated, the combat has become more difficult, and the controls and format are perfect for a mobile device.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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