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Max Ammo
Max Ammo
Max Ammo
Max Ammo
Max Ammo
Max Ammo
Max Ammo
Max Ammo

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Brandon Girod
Amazing graphics, engaging gameplay, several gameplay modes
Timers, energy system
When you think about playing third-person shooters on your phone you probably get a little twitch in your eye. Truth is, the controls are always awful, the shooting mechanics are shallow, and it's usually an on-rails experience. Max Ammo for Android might be one of the only third-person shooters worthy of a closer look, however.
This is a cover shooter that reminds me a bit of Gears of War in that you're not really stuck in the same place like most other cover shooters. You dictate where you're going to go, and you can move pretty much anywhere you want as you're dodging bullets and dishing it out. The gun mechanics aren't super engaging here because you're still just tapping and shooting, but there are also plenty of boss and enemy mechanics that force you a bit out of your comfort zone.
As you play through the game, you'll unlock new items, level up, and have the ability to equip new guns, armor, and upgrades. All of these are things you'll need to do in order improve your times. Speaking of which, this game has more than just a story mode. There are also raids, challenges, and multiplayer modes. In multiplayer modes, you'll be playing against the ghosts of other players to try and beat their times. Efficiency is the name of the game since you'll need to get down each level to an exact science in order to get your name on the leaderboard.
Unfortunately, there is an energy system, which is something I absolutely abhor. Fortunately, you actually earn energy as you play the game. Just playing through the multiplayer and campaign modes, I never ran into a shortage of energy. There are also timers in the game, which is another bummer.
Overall, Max Ammo is an incredible third-person cover shooter that is well worth a look if you're into mobile shooters. The gameplay is really fun, controls are on point, and there are plenty of gameplay modes to keep you churning for a pretty long time.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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