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Fruit Revels
Fruit Revels
Fruit Revels
Fruit Revels
Fruit Revels
Fruit Revels
Fruit Revels
Fruit Revels

Review Fruit Revels

Brandon Girod
Solid gameplay, good performance
Generic artstyle, doesn’t push the envelope
If people could eat and gain nutritional value from match-three games, the world would never be hungry again. Fruit Revels for Android is a match-three game is very telling about what’s wrong with the mobile gaming industry. Simply put, there are too many players in the game.
There is nothing wrong with this game, though. It’s a perfectly ordinary match-three game. But when the market is full of thousands of perfectly ordinary match-three games, how does anyone manage to stand out? Well, to be perfectly honest, they don’t. This game is incredibly solid. Match three tiles and you’ll eliminate them. Match four or more and you’ll receive a special tile that will clear entire rows in various ways.
That’s all well and fine, but every other match-three game does the same. And what this one doesn’t have going for it is a clear sense of identity. You match fruit. The game is colorful. There are cutely drawn characters involved. It’s all the same. If I was shown a screenshot of this game compared to the last ten match-three games I have reviewed, the only one I would remember would be Wedding Escape simply because that game really stood out.
Now, if you don’t really care about anything else other than having a decent match-three game, then I certainly won’t turn you away from this one. It certainly is generic, but it’s also pretty much everything you could want out of a basic game.
Fruit Revels doesn’t do anything to separate itself from the rest of the gang. It has a few intrusive ads pop up every now and then. But the game itself is solid. I can’t necessarily say that the game ever makes me care about it, but it does what it does inoffensively.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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