Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter
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Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter
Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter
Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter
Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter
Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter
Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter
Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter
Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter

Review Bubble Pirates :Bubble Shooter

Brandon Girod
Solid controls, mechanics feel good, doesn’t have intrusive ads
Difficulty is too easy, no personality
The worst thing about Bubble Pirates for Android--besides all the inappropriate jokes we could come with about the name--is that it doesn’t do anything to separate it from the pack. But the good news is that’s the worst thing about the game. It’s a bubble shooter that doesn’t take any risks and turns out to be a pretty solid game.
So what do you do in a bubble shooter? Well you’ll start off each level with a predetermined layout of bubbles. These bubbles will come in various colors, and what you need to do is shoot the bubble you have towards bubbles of the same color. It’s like a match-three game in that you need to match three or more colors of the same game in order to remove the bubbles, but it’s way more hands on because you really have to think about where you’re going to shoot AND you have to make sure that you’re an accurate enough shot to actually land where you want to. That can sometimes be easier said than done.
What’s cool about this game is that there are two modes: challenge and adventure, and challenge actually has sub modes. Sometimes you’ll need to race against the clock and other times you’ll just need to rack up as high a score as you can. Adventure mode is the more traditional one and will have you going from level to level seeing if you can obtain three stars or not. if you fail then you’ll lose a heart and will have to wait to play if you lose all of your hearts.
There isn’t anything offensive about the game, though the art and style decision are incredibly drab. I guess things could be worse, but it’s not something that is going to attract a lot of people to the game.
Despite how it may look, Bubble Pirates is actually a good game. It doesn’t try and pester the player with a ton of ads and gameplay is really solid.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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