League of Hero Defenders
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League of Hero Defenders
League of Hero Defenders
League of Hero Defenders
League of Hero Defenders
League of Hero Defenders
League of Hero Defenders
League of Hero Defenders

Review League of Hero Defenders

Brandon Girod
Features characters from League of Legends, solid mechanics, great animations
Drab level design
I never seriously thought I'd say this, but its has been probably months, if not longer, since I've last played a tower defense game. Eager to jump into a new one, League of Hero Defender for Android was close to just what I needed. It's your typical tower defense game that borrows characters and skills from the incredibly popular MOBA, League of Legends.
Just looking at the name of the game, I figured it was going to be something similar to a League of Legends tower defense game. Your base is Teemo and your towers are various League of Legends heroes. You'll start off with Garrett and will soon unlock Frost. Each level also has towers that will shoot the enemy creeps as they pass by, and you can also blow up crates on the field to break out other characters like Saraka and tons more.
Each tower has the ability to upgrade and as their attacks get stronger, so do the attack animations. In fact, they mimic the character's attacks in the real game. I would frequently see one of Frost's ult attacks fly across the level. Level design itself is a bit stale. This is mainly because there are simple paths they follow. Some levels did begin to get a bit more complex, but after playing games like Kingdom Rush, it's hard to give games a pass that don't take level design seriously.
Surprisingly, I didn't see a single ad in the game either. I saw a button to disable ads, though I didn't click on it. To be honest, I'm not sure where you'd stick a banner ad on the UI anyway. There is a bottom bar that displays Teemo's info and his skills that you can activate (these must be paid for), and the top bar shows various level information. I could see a full page ad thrown up somewhere, but I never ran into any.
Overall, even though this steals character designs from League of Legends, League of Heroes Defender is actually a pretty entertaining game if you're a huge fan of the original game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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