Twin Runners 2
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Twin Runners 2
Twin Runners 2
Twin Runners 2
Twin Runners 2
Twin Runners 2
Twin Runners 2
Twin Runners 2
Twin Runners 2

Review Twin Runners 2

Brandon Girod
Gorgeous aesthetic, solid controls, great music
Lots of content is hidden behind paywalls, very little content
Just when I think endless runners are getting stale I get saved by an interesting newcomer. Twin Runners 2 for Android is a great arcade runner that borrows heavily from endless runners before that but creates an experience all its own.
It’s a twin runner which means that you’re controlling two different characters simultaneously while trying to avoid two completely different sets of obstacles. If that sounds difficult then that’s good because it totally is. Even on the easiest difficult the game presents plenty of challenges for even experienced runners to face. The game embraces death by reminding you how many times you’ve died and throwing crosses on the walls of places you died before. You’re constantly reminded by your failures, but that’s okay because the levels are pre-built and learning them is half the fun.
The game is fairly easy to control. All you need to do is tap to change whether the characters run on the inside or the outside of each path. There are no swipe gestures to get confused about and this is paramount because stopping to think about the controls is basically death.
The game features a handful of levels that are categorized by difficulty. The cool thing about each level is that they all have their own unique environments and music, so it’s not the same setting with a different layout.
If you’re looking for a new runner to play then check out Twin Runners 2. It’s not an endless runner and there is an admittedly small amount of levels, but the difficulty will ensure you’re playing through the game for quite some time. It feels great to play and looks even better.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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