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Prehistoric Park
Prehistoric Park
Prehistoric Park
Prehistoric Park
Prehistoric Park
Prehistoric Park
Prehistoric Park

Review Prehistoric Park

Sergei Petrov
Prehistoric Park - it is a fascinating arcade simulator for Android, which will give us a real role to build an amusement park for primitive people. The game has a very deep geimpleem in which we, in addition to building rides, must also follow the mood of the visitors, and respond to the needs of the most unusual.
At this point, it is the second park in the simulator Google Play. The first game ( Theme Park ) Developed by EA, it can read the review on our website. Primitive Park was designed by studio Gear Games, and has a better balance, and less influence donation and in-game purchases at the games.


The game begins with a large empty field, which we will build up sobstvenoruchno wide variety of exciting attractions. We will start with simple swings and slides, but then there will be more interesting options, for example, running in circles for fruit dinosaur.
In addition to the entertainment we must also rebuild the park fountains, so that people can drink, benches for rest, toilets and, of course, fast-food departments. All buildings need to combine between a chain of roads and squares can be free to decorate various ornaments, flowers or trees.
Very pleased that the developers have attended games translation into several languages. At this point, the game is fully translated into Russian as well as in English. This allows more immersed in the process, since the game contains a great number of interesting and useful tips.

Features Prehistoric Park for Android:

  • The game is translated into Russian and English;
  • Beautiful graphics and animation;
  • Relaxing music;
  • Convenient and simple interface;
  • Methodical and consistent process of construction;
  • Minimal impact donation;
  • Opportunity to visit the park friends and casual users.
That resources are not an end, we advise you to stick to the game of your Twitter and Facebook accounts to get additional bonuses. If you are very confused these spam messages, no one bothers to register themselves for the future (especially for games) a couple of additional accounts.
Summary. Prehistoric Park - is a good example of a correct and balanced social games for Android. Play very interesting, the number of attractions and opportunities of interaction with visitors of the park is amazing. Playing a solid four.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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