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Chuck vs Zombies
Chuck vs Zombies
Chuck vs Zombies
Chuck vs Zombies
Chuck vs Zombies
Chuck vs Zombies

Review Chuck vs Zombies

Brandon Girod
There is a left-hand mode, features chuck norris
Boring gameplay, lackluster controls, broken progression system
Have you ever wanted a game that was totally full of Chuck Norris jokes? No? Me either. Chuck Norris jokes were all the rage back in middle school but now they just feel old and out of place. Chuck vs Zombies for Android is a side-scrolling beat’em up that sounds like an ode to middle school.
You control Chuck through a simple on-screen button layout. There are directional buttons on one side and a kick and punch button on the other. Combat boils down to walking up to an enemy and either punching them or kicking them. Since there is no way to block or parry you’re really stuck just trading blows. This becomes a pretty big problem when it’s 4 on 1 and the game doesn’t reliably target one enemy in situations like this.
The real tragedy is that you’re at the mercy of RNG (random number generator) when it comes to progression. Coins are dropped randomly and you need a good amount in order to upgrade your character. Unfortunately you only keep the coins you collect once you finish the level, so if you don’t get enough coins to upgrade in the previous level and you’re stuck on the current level because you didn’t get a chance to upgrade then you literally have no way to progress unless you want to spend money on the game.
Chuck vs Zombies has a broken progression system, a boring combat system, controls that feel bad, and a lackluster art style. I’ll be honest with you, the Chuck Norris jokes aren’t worth the hassle.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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