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Cyber Knights RPG
Cyber Knights RPG
Cyber Knights RPG
Cyber Knights RPG
Cyber Knights RPG
Cyber Knights RPG

Review Cyber Knights RPG

Jay Feldman
Decent plot, decent graphics
Inconvenient to play on a small screen, bad controls, bores you really quickly
Cyber Knights RPG Elite for Android is a heavy handed RPG pixel adventure with a futuristic plot. Explore various locales in search of clues and bad guys. This one shows more potential than it currently delivers upon.
Cyber Knights RPG Elite displays in landscape to reveal a rudimentary cityscape, as seen from an aerial point of view, looking directly down on the action below. The game starts off with a thinly veiled, text based plot with cheesy read-along dialog that that borrows heavily from The Matrix movie franchise, minus the $100 million dollar budget and kick ass Hollywood screenplay. As the story goes, you've succumbed to a life black ops sorta surgery that has turned you into a part man, part robot sorta fighting machine. From there, you wander aimlessly around town, looking for clues; and that, boys and girls, is where the fun comes screeching to a halt.
The controls use directional arrows placed all around the edges of your screen, making for a very clumsy layout and shoddy performance that steals focus away from the game you're supposed to be playing; a terrible choice that ruins the whole game. The graphics are actually decent. Yes, they are riddled with more pixels that Swiss cheese has holes, but it suits the game well enough. However, the visuals are needlessly distant so as to keep you at arm's reach from all the fun. Yes, there's a mediocre zoom, but it can only help so much and adds to the awkward play. The animation is crude but passable, and the sounds are repetitious and monotonous.
Cyber Knights RPG Elite has as much going for it as it does working against it, which is a shame, because the game just might be awesome, if they could just fix the hot mess they dug themselves into.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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