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Bunny Run
Bunny Run
Bunny Run
Bunny Run
Bunny Run
Bunny Run
Bunny Run
Bunny Run

Review Bunny Run

Brandon Girod
Controls work well
Low quality visuals, ads pop up in the middle of gameplay, depressingly boring gameplay
Bunny Run for Android might be one of the poorest attempts at a platformer I’ve ever seen. That’s quite an award to win because there are a lot of platformers coming out, so the pool for candidates is huge. But this game takes it and runs away with it.
Let’s talk level design. Most levels are flat plains with pyramids that are sometimes built in various places. These pyramids never really act as anything other than a way to get to another part of the level and are never incorporated into any challenges. There are holes in the level that players can also fall in and that’s basically it. Set pieces are the same throughout the game and there is only one set of assets.
There is a double jumping mechanic in the game and the only sense of challenge is deciphering the game’s physics so you can figure out if you need to lead a jump or if you can take the jump pretty much anywhere you want. Unfortunately there is no way to change your momentum mid jump, so this can be more difficult than necessary at times.
The saddest part is that’s literally all there is to the gamer. There are some farmers that pop up but don’t actually pose any threat and you have to make sure you collect all of the carrots in each level, which is usually easy enough to do while completing the level.
Bunny Run is kind of a sad excuse for a game. The visuals are laughable and there are so many ads that they actually interrupt you while you’re in the middle of the game. Have you ever been mid air and have the game pause to serve you an ad? If not then maybe you should try this game out just so you can experience that level of frustration.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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