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Tinfoil for Twitter
Tinfoil for Twitter
Tinfoil for Twitter
Tinfoil for Twitter
Tinfoil for Twitter
Tinfoil for Twitter
Tinfoil for Twitter
Tinfoil for Twitter

Review Tinfoil for Twitter

Brandon Girod
You can easily visualize who is and who isn’t following you back, it conserves data by not displaying photos
Very dated UI, advertisements, laggy performance
I’ve actually been on the lookout for a new Twitter client recently but have found that the majority want you to put down a pretty a decent amount of money for a mobile app. That’s not entirely without warrant, however. Twitter only allows third-party apps a certain amount of tokens before they can no longer take on new customers, so they kind of need to filter their customers. Tinfoil for Twitter for Android is a completely free experience, however, and you’ll begin to see why as you read a bit further into my review.
My first point of contention is the way the UI looks. At the very top is an annoying ad and below it are action bars that look like they’re using Android’s old Holo app guidelines. Clicking through the home, connect, discover, and me columns requires a bit of time to allow items to load and sometimes they don’t register touch input very well. Twitter’s own client, while not the gold standard by any means, is able to handle all of these tasks pretty much effortlessly and looks pretty decent in the process.
By default, photos in your main feed aren’t show to you and this is something I have two minds about. On one hand, you’re saving data for customers who might be on strict data caps, but on the other the feed just looks boring and nothing really pops out at you. There doesn’t appear to be any way to change this in the options either, so you’re kind of stuck with it. Curiously enough, photos do appear in the discover feed, however.
If you’re someone who gains followers by simply following as many people as you can and hoping they return the favor then you’ll be happy to note that you can easily see who you are following and whether they’re following you on one screen, and they make it really easy to unfollow them.
Unfortunately, Tinfoil for Twitter just doesn’t feel as quick as the official Twitter client, and it’s really hard to recommend it over that one. The rest of the competition simply looks and performs better, but this one is always available if you just need some free change.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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