Implosion - Never Lose Hope
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Implosion - Never Lose Hope
Implosion - Never Lose Hope
Implosion - Never Lose Hope
Implosion - Never Lose Hope
Implosion - Never Lose Hope
Implosion - Never Lose Hope
Implosion - Never Lose Hope
Implosion - Never Lose Hope
Implosion - Never Lose Hope

Review Implosion - Never Lose Hope

Brandon Girod
Breathtaking visuals, cinematic experience, excellent voice acting, unbelievably responsive controls
The trial is so good that you can’t help but buy the full game
Implosion - Never Lose Hope for Android is a game that touts itself as a AAA experience on a mobile device. And I can agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly. It’s one of the only mobile games I’ve played that has blown me away in terms of graphical fidelity, voice acting, and incredibly controls.
This is one of the first Android games where the story really actually matters here, so I’m not going to go into big details about what’s going on. The cinematic intro is absolutely beautiful to watch and will go over all the basics up until you first start the game off. To summarize, your uncle helped save you and a handful of people from an unexpected alien threat that basically annihilated all life on earth. Twenty years later you and your team set out on a last-ditch effort to save the last thread of humanity left, and begin to uncover a lot of weird things when you land back on Earth.
Gameplay is nothing but impressive. I’ve never been a fan of on-screen controls but this game exemplifies how lazy other developers can be while implementing them. Controls are extremely accurate and mimic a physical controller almost precisely. Combat is combo based and I never had any issues actually performing them and playing skillfully. You can simply mash the attack button which will unleash an impressive looking volley of hits and deal with most lower leveled enemies.
But if you actually let off the button smashing a bit then you’ll notice tapping once will perform a single hit and a purple circle with enclose your character. If you tap again as soon as this happens then you’ll begin to perform another combo that hits a lot harder. Additionally, you’ll unlock a lot of special attacks that you can use by simply pressing a button and you have access to a dodge and ranged weapon as well.
Missions are still kind of structured like a typical mobile game in that you move from one level to the next on a sort of overworld map, but here the missions actually include story and genuinely fun gameplay. You’ll typically start off with an objective and there will be mini bosses and real bosses that all have unique attack patterns. These battles tend to play out much like a AAA spectacle fighter.
The first set of missions are a trial and once you get up to a certain point you’ll be asked to purchase the rest of the game for $9.99. Implosion - Never Lose Hope is really generous in the amount of content available in the trial and after playing through it, I’d be willing to bet most people wouldn’t argue that the price tag is too high. The graphical fidelity is incredible, there are legitimately good voice actors involved, and the on-screen buttons are the most responsive I’ve ever played. These are the types of games we want to support.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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