Hill Racing To Limbo
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Hill Racing To Limbo
Hill Racing To Limbo
Hill Racing To Limbo
Hill Racing To Limbo
Hill Racing To Limbo
Hill Racing To Limbo
Hill Racing To Limbo
Hill Racing To Limbo

Review Hill Racing To Limbo

Brandon Girod
Has an interesting aesthetic, offers vehicle progression and upgrades
The controls are backwards, upgrades are incredibly expensive
Hill Racing To Limbo for Android is one of those games with a SEO title. Namely due to the fact that it greatly resembles a really popular indie game, Limbo, which is included in the title. Coincidence? But, while this might share a similar design aesthetic, the core gameplay is actually miles apart from the aforementioned app.
It’s a game that plays more like Trials. The entire game is you against the terrain, which ultimately ends up just being you against physics. And until you learn how to play by its rules, it will win every time.
The game doesn’t really offer you any real help here either because the controls are backwards. Accelerating and braking/reversing are done so by tapping the right and left side of the screens. That’s all fine. However, tapping the right side of your screen actually makes your vehicle roll rotate backwards while you’re in the air. The opposite is true if you tap and hold the left button. This means that you not only have to learn how the game’s physics react to your vehicle, but you also have to actively remind yourself that the controls are backwards to what actually feels natural.
Character progression, or vehicle progression, can be equally frustrating largely because it’s nothing more than a grindfest. If you’re not good at the game then it slows down to an absolute crawl. The first upgrade (out of fifteen) costs 400 coins. The next quadruples in price and there are three other parts of your vehicle to upgrade. It’s cheaper just to save up the coin for a newer car than it is to upgrade, which isn’t how you balance an upgrade system.
So, to be frank, the aesthetic is really the only notable part of the game. The controls, while responsive, are backwards and the progression system isn’t balanced at all. It seems like the developers were too busy trying to figure out how to keep players roped in and forgot to make the game interesting.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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