3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe
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3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe
3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe
3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe
3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe
3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe
3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe

Review 3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe

Jay Feldman
Quality 3D graphics, addictive game play, two-finger controls
Uses a lot of system resources, too easy, very common
3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe for Android is a lively pizza delivery game that has you on a scooter zipping through town delivering yummy pizzas as fast as you can. If your real pizza driver was this reckless, he'd be arrested. The play is fun and addictive.
3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe displays in landscape to offer an aerial point of view looking down on the action below. The setting is a vibrant and colorful looking cartoon town, populated with farms, homes and windy roadways that are bustling with traffic. Your mission, as if that's not obvious, is to deliver as many pizzas as you can within a set time limit. You're riding a scooter, and nope, you really don't have to obey traffic signals, nor even drive on the road if you don't want to. Actually, it's faster if you cut through shrubs, drive on sidewalks and get to your destination however you can. The faster you deliver your pizzas, the more virtual money you make, which can be used to buy better scooters and a bunch of other useless crap aimed at keeping you playing, and perhaps, even shelling out some real cash from your own pizza allowance.
The controls are effective but take some getting used to; placing left and right directional arrows on the lower left, and forward and reverse throttle buttons on the lower right, and using everything in tandem can be tricky. The graphics are brimming with vibrant primary colors and rich details. The animation is smooth, clean and energetic, adding to the fun of play. The sounds feature some oddly placed music that doesn't seem to quite fit the play, and perhaps belongs to a modern bar mitzvah.
3D Driving Sim: Pepperoni Pepe is highly addictive and good clean fun for avid gamers of all ages. This one will entertain.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 7/10
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Tariq Abdulla
Hi ses. Just tap on "free version" above to go to the Play store, where you can download the game
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