Better Diary (Journal, notes)
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Better Diary (Journal, notes)
Better Diary (Journal, notes)
Better Diary (Journal, notes)
Better Diary (Journal, notes)
Better Diary (Journal, notes)
Better Diary (Journal, notes)
Better Diary (Journal, notes)
Better Diary (Journal, notes)

Review Better Diary (Journal, notes)

Brandon Girod
Great UI, tons of features, easy to use
Has a questionable subscription service, you have to sign in to use the app
Note and memos apps make a lot of sense to me on mobile platforms, but I always wondered who really uses journal and word processing apps. In fact, I recently used Google Docs to do some writing while I was on the go and can attest to the significant thumb fatigue I experience while trying to do some writing on my phone, and I’m no slouch on the keyboard. Better Diary for Android is a journal app that makes the whole process look absolutely great, though, and syncs up to any device you use.
I’ve never been a fan of having to sign into services that don’t really need me to do so and this app isn’t any different. I can understand needing to do so if you want to participate in the social circle feature or sync your journal among devices, but otherwise it just seems completely unnecessary.
The app itself looks really great and I love how it looks when you have a well formatted entry. Quotes look great and all of your formatting options are located at the bottom for quick and easy access to them. Once the entry is posted it’ll pop up on your timeline as a card with the heading, time you posted, and a snippet of the first few sentences.
Unfortunately there is no way to tag any of your entries, no way to search through them, and no way to re-sort them once they’re up. So you can only view your entries in the chronological order that you post them in.
Overall I found Better Diary to be a really competent diary app, and one that I would personally use if I kept up with a journal. I love the way it formats posts and you can even build up a small community with others if you had friends that also enjoyed sharing their inner thoughts with you.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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