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Wallpaper Changer
Wallpaper Changer
Wallpaper Changer
Wallpaper Changer
Wallpaper Changer
Wallpaper Changer

Review Wallpaper Changer

Jay Feldman
Lots of settings, interesting functionality, simple interface
Old fashioned design, is lagging on some devices
Wallpaper Changer for Android wants to help you spice up your gizmo by automatically changing your wallpaper for you at set intervals. If you're the type who gets bored easily, or perhaps miss the slideshow feature of your Windows computer, then this app is for you.
Wallpaper Changer displays in portrait and landscape, which is good, since we're talking about an app that's all about versatility and variety. The idea behind this one, is that we all love to have our own personal wallpaper on our gizmo's desktop, yet how do you choose just one photo of all your favorites to be your prized desktop wallpaper? Well, you don't; at least not if you're using this app. Just select as many pictures as you like to be your wallpaper and this app will cycle through all your choices to automatically change your wallpaper for you, much like Windows' slideshow feature that cycles through different desktop backgrounds, only this app offers far more versatility.
The app is rather simple in look and function. You can set custom time intervals before your wallpaper changes, in either minutes, hours or days. You can also set it to change each time you unlock your lockscreen. You can create multiple albums containing images you select from your gallery, and set how the pictures should display; fill, fit or stretch. You can also set the app to automatically rescan folders for new images, random order, and chose between 2 display resolutions.
Wallpaper Changer is a cool way to turn your gizmo's wallpaper into a photo slideshow.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 8/10
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