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Corridor Z
Corridor Z
Corridor Z
Corridor Z
Corridor Z
Corridor Z
Corridor Z
Corridor Z

Review Corridor Z

Brandon Girod
Great looking graphics, dynamic gameplay, unique mechanics
Forces you to replay content over and over again, progression is grindy
Both endless runners and zombie anything(s) have pretty much overstayed their welcome. But it’s still refreshing to see a game featuring either of the two that are actually enjoyable, and especially so when they combine both of them to create a fun experience. That’s exactly what Corridor Z for Android brings to the table, though.
It’s an endless runner that has you perpetually running down corridors with a handful of zombies chasing after you. The idea is that if you just continue to let your character run then the zombies will eventually catch up to you and presumably eat you alive, which just sounds bad. So in order to prevent this from happening you’ll swipe in various directions as you pass by objects in order to throw them down in front of the zombies and slow them down.
Occasionally you’ll come across bosses that you’ll need to dispatch the same way as the other zombies. The biggest caveat here is that they have life meters and you’ll need to make sure you’re always packing heat in order to take them down before they get you.
The weird thing about this game is that you have multiple characters and you need to run each character through every level until you have them all at the next classroom (checkpoint) in order to progress further in the game. This means you’ll be replaying a lot of content over and over again, which is kind of a bummer.
I really got into Corridor Z mainly because the game doesn’t get too crazy as far as the difficulty requirements go. Sure, the game gets harder but it’s never too much for the player to handle.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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