Train Crisis HD
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Train Crisis HD
Train Crisis HD
Train Crisis HD

Review Train Crisis HD

Evgenii Kostrov
In the game for Android-devices Train Crisis HD You have to put on a veritable signalman, controlled switching tracks. To pass each level successfully, you must use the arrows to direct trains of different colors corresponding to the color of the railway station.
In the first levels of the train will start moving at the same time and the number of cars will be the same. As the levels progress, the game length will start to change, and the train will get under way at different times, and they can be stopped using semaphores. Another important aspect of the game is that the number of cars has a big effect on the rate of the total composition. The longer the composition, the quieter it goes.
Some levels in the game can not physically be completed the first time since trains will pass through tunnels within which the road crosses very strange. That is, you have to first find out which entrance to the tunnel leading to the correct input. With this line-up will not wait for your decision and will continue to move that will require you to even greater response to the correct switch arrows.
If one road are forced to move along two different composition, you have to use a siding or more turns to the shorter train was not able to catch up and not hit that part of that is overloaded cars. Incidentally, while we're on impact should be noted the excellent animation and special effects, which dims the screen during a train wreck.


The game takes place in an incredibly fast pace, and sometimes all thoughts are how to deal with arrows and semaphores to train at least just ran into each other while moving in a circle. Not to mention where you want to drive the composition. Over 96 levels in 5 locations you will enjoy great graphics and wonderful sound effects and music

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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