Memory Map — Disk Cleaner
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Memory Map — Disk Cleaner
Memory Map — Disk Cleaner
Memory Map — Disk Cleaner
Memory Map — Disk Cleaner
Memory Map — Disk Cleaner
Memory Map — Disk Cleaner
Memory Map — Disk Cleaner
Memory Map — Disk Cleaner
Memory Map — Disk Cleaner

Review Memory Map — Disk Cleaner

Brandon Girod
Absolutely great looking visuals, setup is quick and easy
Doesn’t actually have any memory cleaning features, your phone has to be reanalyzed every time something is deleted
Let’s face it, Android doesn’t have a very good way to visualize how much of our space is really being used and what it’s being used by. You can check out your storage in your phone’s settings but it paints a really limited picture and has no functionality. Memory Map for Android is an awesome application that will actually map out your phone’s memory using aesthetically pleasing visual representations of what is taking up all the space on your phone.
The first time you boot up your phone the app will automatically start analyzing all the files you have on your device. The default view shows only the biggest files and those are the files that look the largest on the map. They’re named exactly what they are under your phone and even give you where exactly they’re located. Zooming in will cause smaller files to begin to populate the screen as well.
Now, this isn’t really the ideal way to go through and start cleaning up your phone because the app doesn’t actually have any way to automatically accumulate junk files to delete or anything like that. You can tap on a larger file that you can immediately see and have it delete it if that’s what you want to do, but it will stay on the map until you reanalyze your phone with the app.
Memory Map is a really novel idea, but it’s limited in its actual function. It doesn’t offer any way to help you clean up your system outside of being able to help you quickly identify where it is that you need to target your search. To get smaller files it’s still best to jump into a file explorer and select them all yourself.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 8/10
Design 9/10
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