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Hoop's run
Hoop's run
Hoop's run
Hoop's run
Hoop's run
Hoop's run
Hoop's run

Review Hoop's run

Ollie Green
Neat animation, neat graphics, simple controls, quality physics
In-app purchases
Now that there are so many games of it's kind out there, if you want to make a successful endless runner game you really have to do something special. Fortunately for the developers of Hoop's run for Android, they've done exactly what they need to stand out from the crowd.
This game has some very interesting elements that lets players feel like they are truly working towards something worthwhile from each run. Whilst nearly every endless runner simply offers coins for players to spend on upgrades, there is a bit of a story behind this game and it's what powers the great gameplay elements. In this game, a character called Hoop has been asked to bring life back to a desolate planet. When you first start playing, the planet looks empty, and there is very little nature to be seen.
You can collect coins and other forms of currency in-game and you can use this to start bringing flowers, plants and wildlife to your world. The next time you start a game after buying a plant, it will appear in the world. There are plenty of ways to unlock new plant types, and each plant even has it's own special abilities that can help you to run for longer periods of time.
If you continue to complete objectives, you'll also start to increase the amount of natural resources found within the world. To begin with, there will just be earth and dirt, but completing objectives will unlock water and other resources. As well as the unique nature based elements, there are also tons of cosmetic items and power-ups available in the store. To top it all off, this game looks really nice and the controls are incredibly easy to get used to.
Everything in Hoop's run can be purchased with earned cash, but you can also spend real money on the same items.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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