Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe
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Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe
Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe
Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe
Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe
Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe
Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe
Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe

Review Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe

Brandon Girod
Beautifully designed, easy to use
Takes longer to message people than traditionally, questionable usage
Are you the type of person who is constantly in contact with another person? Do you communicate with a core group of people through an endless amount of portals? If so then you should definitely check out this app called Drupe for Android. It takes all of your recent and favorite contacts, makes them easily accessible from any screen/app, and let’s you choose quickly interact with them in every way possible.
To be clear, I’m not the targeted demographic for this app. I have people who I text, people who I email, and people who I message. They very seldom cross the line between their respective method of contact and I like that. It’s easy to simply click on a notification I’ve received from them in order to reply. I don’t find myself constantly searching for them in order to reach out to them from a blank canvas.
This app lets you set up a group of contacts and lets you quickly access that group by throwing persistent dots on the screen. Pulling it out brings up contact bubbles and then you can drag each contact bubble onto an app bubble, which brings up a way to contact them through that respective portal.
It’s a really neat idea that is done really well and I really want to use the app, but I just don’t find it really necessary. I’m never in a position where I’m gonna call someone, then text them, and then email them, and then message them on Facebook. Our stream of contact is always consistent and this app does that, too. But it’s not as effective as simply touching a notification and being brought right back to where you left off with that person.
You also don’t have any real way to manage your contact list. You can add people to your favorites but you’ll still need to bring up your old contact app to add new ones or edit them, so it doesn’t even completely replace that app either. It just seems like one beautiful extra step.
Drupe is an amazingly good looking app and performs really well. But every time I used it was forced, and I never once organically used it because it was easier than what was already working for me. If you’re a social king/queen then this might be your thing, however.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 8/10
Design 9/10
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