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Rally Championship
Rally Championship
Rally Championship
Rally Championship
Rally Championship
Rally Championship
Rally Championship
Rally Championship

Review Rally Championship

Jay Feldman
Quality graphics, decent game play, quality physics
Device is running hot, kills your battery, challenging controls
Drift and Rally for Android is a car racing game that's all about sliding and skidding through turns. Hit the pedal to the metal and go all out in this quality racing game that's sure to entertain. This one keeps things simple, making it ideal for racing fans of all ages.
Drift and Rally has several modes of play to unlock and try, along with loads of different tracks to race. The game starts you out with solo races on various test tracks, and your objective, is to punch the throttle and go all out. The tricky part with this one is hitting the skids just right, which when done correctly are called drifting because you're actually sliding through turns like you're skating on ice. The play is simple and often rudimentary, yet still requires skill and practice to master. This one is fun, but does come off a bit like an unfinished beta in the last stages of testing.
The controls place directional arrows on the lower left for steering, along with reverse and forward buttons on the lower right. The steering is a tad wonky and takes some getting used to, but is still effective. The graphics go for CGI sorta realism that looks good, with plenty of nice details, though things still look a smidge unfinished. The animation is clean with nice illusions of speed, but again, still feel like they could be a touch better. The sounds offer modest realism and an annoying percussive score that's overly repetitive.
Drift and Rally has a lot going for it but still hasn't quite reached its full potential. However, this one is still worth checking out.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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