Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars
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Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars
Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars
Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars
Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars
Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars
Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars

Review Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars

Jay Feldman
Quality animation, quality game design, exciting plot
Uses a lot of system resources, very common, dependence on in-app purchases
Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars for Android is a fairly cookie cutter sim combat game that takes place in a mythic kingdom that you have to build and evolve. The play is rather predictable but the graphics look great. If sim combat is your game then this one is certainly worth checking out.
Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars displays n landscape from an aerial point of view looking down on the action below. As the story goes,it appears to be ancient times because there's a Trojan Horse attack option, yet the visuals certainly don't appear to be ancient; if anything, this game offers a fusion of ancient and futuristic to deliver an environment that's both unique and a total retread at the same time. Like so many others from this genre, you are charged with building and evolving your own base camp; place structures, pay for play, or practice patience and prudence and wait for things to evolve in their own time. It's all very familiar with virtually nothing new or novel, so far as mechanics of play go.
The controls use screen taps and slides to place structures, make basic menu choices and deploy troops around the perimeter of your enemy's compound. Naturally, there's a healthy online player aspect to the game which functions as expected. The graphics are easily this game's strongest element, featuring some unique heroes to do battle with, nice details and inviting colors. the animation is excellent, with clean renders even when the screen fills up with action and explosions. The sounds are fully realized and certainly added to the play.
Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars is a quality sim game, yet still offers virtually nothing so far as originality. This one looks and plays like every other sim combat game, with only modest differences to set it apart from the rest. The good news is, if you love sim combat, here's another good one for you to try and conquer. I'm giving it Editor's Choice not for originality, but because it's a quality experience.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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