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Review Glozzle

Jay Feldman
Decent animation, lots of levels, simple controls
Too easy, bores you really quickly, low quality graphics
Glozzle for Android is a fun puzzle game about shifting perspectives. Solve a series of visual puzzles that look like nothing but a bunch of pixels by rotating your view until all the pieces fall into place and the solution is revealed. This one is ideal for puzzle fans of all ages.
Glozzle displays in landscape and is actually a retread of countless other games that have offered this same concept with a much more polished and refined presentation. This one plays fine, be comes off a tad crude and underdeveloped. As the story goes, you are presented with a series of single screen puzzles that look like someone puked a bunch of pixels on your screen. Your mission, is to slide and swipe to twist, turn and rotate the scene before you until it makes sense. Eventually, you will start to see things lining up and take shape, then, presto! There's a ball or a Swiss Army knife or whatever, right there in plain sight. That's basically it.
The controls are smooth and effective, utilizing directional swipes to make the magic happen. The graphics are decent, but not great. I was fond of the dark theme and vibrant colors, but the visuals could certainly be a lot better. The animation is smooth but lacks any excitement or worthwhile visual stimuli. The sounds offer modestly decent music and the occasional sound effect for good measure.
Glozzle is decent for a crude knock-off. This one is sure to entertain puzzle fans, it just won't do it with much flair.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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