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Monster Ball
Monster Ball
Monster Ball
Monster Ball
Monster Ball
Monster Ball
Monster Ball
Monster Ball

Review Monster Ball

Brandon Girod
Responsive mechanics, simple concept
Bad visual design, boring gameplay, object hit boxes are too big
Monster Ball for Android is an endless runner that tasks you with helping Hrum Hrum eat all of his favorite beads. You’ll have to lead Hrum Hrum through each play through and collect beads to increase your high score while jumping over bottomless pits and dodging arrows and other obstacles.
Since this is an endless runner, everything is procedurally generated and it’s honestly pretty low effort. Level design is nothing but crudely crafted platforms and the occasional obstacle like projectiles flying at you or other enemies that you need to jump over. The procedurally generated content is pretty bad because it’s not uncommon for enemies and pits to exist in a way that makes it just about impossible for a player to get past without dying.
The art direction overall is entirely questionable because colors contrast starkly and nothing is really pleasant to look at. Meanwhile, there is nothing to unlock as far as new characters and the background and setting never change. Everything remains the same in every single playthrough.
Controls are really responsive, which is good, but I noticed enemy hit boxes were pretty large. There would be times I clipped through a horn while jumping over a monster and I would die, which seems cheap. Alternatively, I could land on top of an arrow and nothing would happen.
Unfortunately, Monster Ball just feels like an incredibly low effort to cash into the whole endless runner boom that is still (surprisingly) happening. The art direction is bad, level design is bad, and the way it generates levels is completely random and unbalanced. Don’t waste your time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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