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Google PDF Viewer
Google PDF Viewer
Google PDF Viewer
Google PDF Viewer
Google PDF Viewer
Google PDF Viewer
Google PDF Viewer
Google PDF Viewer

Review Google PDF Viewer

Jay Feldman
Minimalist design, no ads
Weak functionality, not enough of settings, not powerful enough
Google PDF Viewer for Android aims to let you view any PDF, fast and easy, and largely misses the mark. You can also print your PDFs with relative ease. This one doesn't really do much of anything and hardly merits a download.
Google PDF Viewer is an ultra-minimalist, bare bones PDF viewer that's really much ado about nothing, and almost doesn't even merit being called an app in its own right. The first thing that's a little confusing about this one, is it requires a separate download, yet, there's nary an app icon to be found. So don't go on a scavenger hunt trying to find it, because your search will be futile. The app is actually a parasite of sorts, and its host is actually the Google Drive app. You cannot easily make use of this viewer any other way, than to launch it from Google Drive. So, why then, did they just not make this an add-on feature to Google Drive? Oh, wait, there is an add-on like that in Drive already, so what's all the hubbub? Beats me.
To view a PDF, just open Google Drive, search all your documents for a PDF to open, and voila, there it is, in all its viewable glory. Truth be told, yes, you can use the app without Google Drive by locating a PDF manually and tapping the file icon to launch the viewer, which reduces this app to a simple file association, and still doesn't make it a full-fledged app. You can’t mark text, make notations, or even select and copy text for that matter.
Google PDF Viewer is very limited and hardly worth the download. What the heck was Google thinking? If you need to view and manage PDFs, find a better app.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 2/10
Design 5/10
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