Deadly Highway
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Deadly Highway
Deadly Highway
Deadly Highway
Deadly Highway
Deadly Highway
Deadly Highway
Deadly Highway

Review Deadly Highway

Jay Feldman
Neat graphics, interesting plot, two-finger controls
Very common, slow animation, impossible to play without paying money
Deadly Highway for Android is an arcade style zombie roadkill sorta action game. Drive the freeway and run down as many zombies as you can, splattering enough blood and mutant goop everywhere to make use of your windshield wipers. This is the joyride of your life.
Deadly Highway displays in landscape to display in the first persons point of view, as seen from behind the steering wheel of a speeding car. Your mission, should you be fool hearty enough to accept it, is to drive and drive till ya can't drive no more, cuz that's just what you do when the world is overrun with zombies. Nope, you ain't picking up hitchhikers, nor are you on a grocery run for a gallon of milk; nope, you're just driving for the sheer joy of making some zombie roadkill and watching them burst like a June bug hitting your grill at 75mph. The play is decent, but this is one of those games that plays sluggish by design, then doles out performance upgrades for a nominal fee. If you don't mind being passive aggressively mugged for your lunch money, this one offers some mild entertainment value.
The controls place wiper buttons and weaponry buttons on the lower left and right, and using everything in tandem takes some getting used to. The graphics offer cartoonish looking zombies with playful visuals that are vibrant and colorful. The animation is decent but choppy and lethargic, though perhaps I didn't pay the requisite ransom to unlock better renders. The sounds offer modest punctuation and get on the ol' nerves before long.
Deadly Highway is decent fun, until the manipulative mechanics ruin the play. Either cough up some dough to make this one play properly, or find a better game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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