Space Shift: The Beginning
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Space Shift: The Beginning
Space Shift: The Beginning
Space Shift: The Beginning
Space Shift: The Beginning
Space Shift: The Beginning
Space Shift: The Beginning

Review Space Shift: The Beginning

Jay Feldman
Exciting plot, decent game play, two-finger controls
Too easy, very common, low quality animation
Space Shift: The Beginning for Android is an arcade style, aerial shooter game featuring an array of futuristic craft you gotta blow outta the sky. This one is decent fun and modestly entertaining. If you love retro style arcade games, then this one is sure to entertain.
Space Shift: The Beginning displays in landscape to reveal the great blue skies in this side scrolling action shooter. Your plane appears on the left, and your enemies come at you from the right. Your mission, is to just blast the crap outta anything that moves and go as far as you can until your invariably go boom. Yes, there's copious upgrades, repair kits and some interesting surprises to collect as you fly. And yes, the enemies coming at you look like they belong in outer space, not in an earthly stratosphere; but ours is not to question why, but to blast and blast, until ya can't blast no more. The play is modestly entertaining and sure to be appreciated most by retro gaming aficionados.
The controls use a d-pad on the lower left for movement, and a lone fire button on the lower right; both were responsive and engaging. The graphics are fairly good, offering an array of interesting craft to blow out of the sky, and a modest color palate. The animation feels a tad lethargic and crude, but the play is mildly exciting. The sounds feature a redundant score that ads nothing to the play, along with decent shooting sounds.
Space Shift: The Beginning is simple and fun for a little while, and there's lots of levels to unlock and try. This one is decent, but feels a tad uninspired.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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