Angry Birds Stella POP!
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Angry Birds Stella POP!
Angry Birds Stella POP!
Angry Birds Stella POP!
Angry Birds Stella POP!
Angry Birds Stella POP!
Angry Birds Stella POP!
Angry Birds Stella POP!
Angry Birds Stella POP!

Review Angry Birds Stella POP!

Brandon Girod
Great aesthetic, polished gameplay, no ads or in-app purchases
Doesn't innovate the genre, levels start to feel like they all run together after a while.
Rovio, the developers behind the original Angry Birds, must finally have run out of steam with the original franchise because they’re now bringing it across genres in a new game with the same characters. Angry Birds Stella POP! for Android is a bubble shooter. I’m not really sure if that’s a genre yet, but with the amount of games that include this concept coming, it will be soon.
This is a game that relies heavily on its popularity and instant familiarity with the characters because it doesn’t really do anything different with the genre, which is a little disappointing because the original Angry Birds was such a blow away success.
That said, the game is oozing with polish and presentation, so while it may not wow us with innovative gameplay it does give you an incredibly solid bubble shooter.
So what exactly is a bubble shooter? It’s a game that has you shooting different colored bubbles at a pre-existing pattern in order to pop large groups of bubbles that are the same color. This one mixes things up because sometimes you’ll need to clear a certain amount of rows completely and other times you’ll be dropping pigs that somehow got tangled in the bubbles.
I enjoyed Angry Birds Stella POP! mostly because it’s just a really well polished game and is exactly what you’d expect from Rovio. The art direction is spruced up a bit from the original game but look great. Animation is good, controls are really responsive, and the physics act exactly how you’d expect. It’s definitely a game worth checking out.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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