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Dark Echo
Dark Echo
Dark Echo
Dark Echo
Dark Echo
Dark Echo

Review Dark Echo

Jay Feldman
Quality game design, interesting plot, simple controls
Too easy, very short game, bores you really quickly
Dark Echo for Android is an unusual, side scrolling adventure that takes place in total darkness. Just tap the screen to send out visible sound waves that outline the path ahead, then safely make your way to the exit and hope the shadow monsters don't get you first.
Dark Echo is an unusual side scrolling adventure because there's virtually no graphics on screen, other than your disembodied footsteps. Nope, you really can't see where you're going, nor do you know what dangers may be lurking ahead. But what you can do, is invoke your inner sonar, like a bat, and tap the screen to create sound waves that reverberate and bounce all over the screen, outlining the path ahead, along with a few dangers that await. The bouncing sound waves create bursts of white that emanate from where you're standing, and rebound all over the immediate vicinity, so you can see where the path leads. However, the sounds waves also display in red and yellow to denote various dangers. Sometimes the danger zones are static and rest in one place, while at other times, they literally chase you toward the exit, and if you don't get there fast enough, it's game over.
The controls use simple screen touches to move in the direction you are touching. You can also just slide your finger onscreen and the footsteps will follow. The graphics is simplicity at its finest, featuring just your trail of footsteps left behind as you walk, and those bouncing sound waves. The animation is also simple but clean and effective. The sounds feature echoing footsteps with slight changes in tone as you cross through different terrains, along with some genuinely frightening hidden monsters.
Dark Echo is innovative, fun and original, so in other words, you should be downloading it already.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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