Monster Shooter: Lost Levels
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Monster Shooter: Lost Levels
Monster Shooter: Lost Levels
Monster Shooter: Lost Levels
Monster Shooter: Lost Levels
Monster Shooter: Lost Levels
Monster Shooter: Lost Levels
Monster Shooter: Lost Levels

Review Monster Shooter: Lost Levels

Evgenii Kostrov
Monster Shooter: Lost Levels - a great game for Android-devices, which many once thought of as the best third-person shooter with a view from the top. Small splash before the game tells us about how the aliens steal pets on one of the planets vast universe. He usually worked at night, and has been engaged in the theft of one-eyed sheep peacefully grazing.
But one day, whether out of curiosity, or simply a failure of the plan by the number of stolen beast, the aliens decided to steal a kitten. Okay even if it was a stray cat, but they are coveted for their home, sleeping on the stomach host snotty kitty. If you think that the nozzle is just for a bunch of words, you are sadly mistaken. The kitten is really constantly inhaled the juicy, green snot. Ill, maybe ...
Is not the point, but the fact that the owner of the kitten woke up in the most piquant moment and burned green octopus, who darted into the box with a white lump. The main character immediately jumps into his spaceship and starts chasing the kidnappers. At this time, our snotty friend arranged on a spaceship alien sabotage, which led to the collapse of a nearby planet.
Your character is sent to the same planet and encounters there with an army of aliens, which is set very aggressively. In general, you have no choice but to take up arms and began to pour everything that moves, leaden rain. As the corpses on an unknown planet mysteriously grows and the thickness of your wallet.
Despite the absence of the surface of another planet newsstands and kiosks with ice cream, you will find most have the money to good use. Suffice it to enter into the in-game store with a weapon, and the money will be left nothing. Apart from buying new weapons you can also upgrade the old one. In many cases it will be more efficient waste of money than buying some diskometatelya.
In the destruction of the aliens you'll get some bonuses in the form of green packets with crispy Franklin. It's worth a little refrain appears not to rush to reward. Otherwise, you will get a few bits of plasma remaining from the wet places. Wait too long, too undesirable, as in some time after the death of an enemy bonus disappears.


Control of the game is very easy and is carried out by two multipozitsionnyh joysticks. One of them is responsible for the movement of the main character, and the second for the conduct and direction of the fire. Before the beginning of each level you can activate avtopritsel and joystick, responsible for the fire, automatically becomes a button. In graphic terms the game is made more than worthy. Animation is implemented at the highest level. Sound is excellent.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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