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Review Snapseed

Jay Feldman
Powerful functionality, functions quickly, modern design
Filter selection could be expanded
Snapseed fro Android is a powerful photo editing app that virtually anyone can use. It's simple, intuitive and fast.
Snapseed was actually a pleasure to use. I'm a longtime Photoshop user, so I'm accustomed to having a full featured photo editing program. Snapseed can't do all the desktop version of Photoshop can, however, it flatly outperforms the Photshop's own app for Android.
What makes Snapseed cool is the innovative interface. The layout is very simple, yet highly functional. There's a decent set of filters and tweaks, all of which can be easily discerned and used to their fullest. The app takes full advantage of your gizmo's touch capabilities and relies on them heavily. To make adjustments to any photo, just pick a filter on the left, then touch and slide the screen to apply variations on the effects. The app has an excellent help screen, which just overlays on top of the screen you're working on. The overlay offers pictorial cues as to all the functions and how to use them. It's all very well presented and user friendly.
Renders are very fast. Filters are applied on the fly and you can see the changes to your photograph instantly. One of my favorite features is the Compare button; just touch and hold to see the original photo, then release to see your filtered version of it. The swap between original and filtered pic is instant, and it's hugely satisfying to get that immediate feedback of your tweaks compared to the original. Nice.
Snapseed is an outstanding photo editing app. Tweak virtually any pic on your gizmo with ease, or just take a new pic direct from the app and make adjustments on the fly. I think the app could use a few more filters, but this is one of the best photo apps I've used to date.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 10/10
Design 9/10
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My Kindle Fire system version is: 6.3.4. I don't see that as an option. 
Why my p6 has problems when I use tune image, the screen will turn black! But previously version isn't ok. Please help me through this !
Alexander Vorobyev
Unfortunately, we cannot fix anything that's associated with the application and its operation as only the developers are able to do this. Did you have the same problem before the app update? Thanks!
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