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Review for Android

Jay Feldman
Various features, simple interface
Weak functionality, functions slowly, old fashioned design for Android aims to help you get organized and get things done. The app is essentially a glorified to-do list with lethargic performance and a sterile interface that leaves much to be desired. for Android displays in portrait and landscape, and that's about as exciting as this one gets. At its core, this is a productivity app ideal for small businesses and individuals. In reality, it's very sluggish and doesn't do much of anything to justify the poor performance, Right off the top, the app keeps giving me the same error message, telling me the app's internal clock doesn't match my device's, and instructs me to go into the app's settings to fix the issue. Well, that right there should tell you what's in store here; if the app can't fix its own clock, how am I supposed to feel confident in the rest of its abilities?
The interface features plain black text on a stark white background. There's a host of sample entries to work through and none of it felt all that inviting or intuitive. You'll see a + icon at the top right of your screen, and all you gotta do is tap that to start adding some custom entries of your own. Just add a title for your task, a description, set the priority level, start time, deadline and time estimated for completion. All your tasks can be synced with Evernote, and at that point, you'd do better to just stick with Evernote and forget about this modest and weak to-do list app. for Android aims to be a powerful productivity tool, but in reality, it really doesn't have much worthwhile to offer.

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Usefulness 6/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 5/10
Design 5/10
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