He is going home
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He is going home
He is going home
He is going home
He is going home
He is going home
He is going home
He is going home
He is going home

Review He is going home

Brandon Girod
Introduces a fun jumping mechanic, there's no story, but the premise is interesting enough
The graphics aren't flattering at all, level design is uninspiring
Have you ever been walking through your local forest and found out that it had been taken over by a mysterious evil force? Well that's exactly what happened to Seth the Bear. In He is Going Home for Android you'll play as Seth the bear to try and fend off this evil force so he can make it back to his home in one piece. Whatever a home is for a bear.
The premise for the game is pretty cute and I'm even a fan of the core mechanic, which is a simple jump that's controlled by a meter. However, the rest of the game is just kind of bizarre. Let's start with the jumping mechanic, though. There is no movement in the game. You won't be pressing left or right to move. Instead the only way you can move is by jumping forward. This sometimes can put you in a weird spot where the only way you can jump is up, so the developers thought it'd be a good idea to be able to change directions.
Level design is one place that the game really kind of fails the player. Each level usually has one or two spots that were designed to be difficult, and that's okay. The issue is that each level looks like it was designed in the most limiting level editor the world has ever seen. Backgrounds are boring and the same general setting is pretty much always there. I'd love for the developers to at least do something as simple as filling the sky with a different color from time to time. Instead we get the same mountains and trees over and over again.
The game's objects are over used as well. There is only one enemy type, there is lava (why is there lava in the woods?), and you've got saws (also, why are these here!?). So you pretty much see the exact same thing over and over again which sets up for slight variations of the same thing you've done the entire game.
He is Going Home is fun for a bit but it really wears out its welcome when you see how many artifacts in the game are reused. I think the game would do well to introduce some new themes, backgrounds, enemy types, or whatever. The core gameplay is fine. It feels stiff, but that's part of what makes the game challenging.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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