GymApp Workout Log for Fitness
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GymApp Workout Log for Fitness
GymApp Workout Log for Fitness
GymApp Workout Log for Fitness
GymApp Workout Log for Fitness
GymApp Workout Log for Fitness
GymApp Workout Log for Fitness

Review GymApp Workout Log for Fitness

Jay Feldman
Various features, simple interface, minimalist design
Old fashioned design, needs to be elaborated, is lagging
Fitness trainer GymApp for Android wants to help you pump some iron and get in shape. Select a workout or specific body parts to work out, then log your progress, calorie intake and body measurements, then view everything on a calendar. This one is for diehard gym rats.
Fitness trainer GymApp displays in both portrait and landscape, and opens to reveal a simple, old school interface with modest visual intrigue. There's 3 colorful buttons prompting you to choose between, Start Workout, Body and Nutrition. The Start Workout button takes you to a vertically scrolling list of available workouts, and you can create your own custom plan from all available exercises or just use one of the ready-made samples. The Body button takes you to a page where you can log your various body measurements, growth and weight. And lastly, the Nutrition button is where you can log your caloric intake and view some basic charts and graphs.
The app is fairly dry and old school and nothing looks all too exciting or cutting edge, however, it's nicely laid out and pleasing to the eye, with just enough novel elements and visuals to keep things interesting. There's a horizontally scrolling text menu at the top of your screen with entries like, Main, Exercises, Calendar, Body Measurements, Nutrition and Graph. I was particularly fond of the exercises tab, because it showed a nice list that's broken down into body groups, with nice icons highlighting the muscles you'll be training within each category. Each exercise features quality images and text instruction.
Fitness trainer GymApp would probably have been considered cutting edge 5 years ago. The app is competent, just not all that inventive or intuitive.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 7/10
Design 6/10
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