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Monster Defender
Monster Defender
Monster Defender
Monster Defender
Monster Defender
Monster Defender
Monster Defender

Review Monster Defender

Brandon Girod
Offers a lot of upgrade paths, the game isn't too grind intensive, offers a lot of enemy variations
Your finger endurance will definitely wane, the graphic style is a bit drab
So picture this: There is a horde of crazy, angry monsters coming for you and you’re holed up in a castle. Doesn’t sound too bad, you’ll just have your army take care of them when they try to siege the castle! Except you don’t have an army. Or even a guy. Instead, you have a really large crossbow. That’s pretty much the concept behind Monster Defender for Android.
Things aren’t quite so hopeless, though. You get some cool powers that you can use and you’ve got the ability to level up your crossbow and eventually upgrade it to bigger and better weapons by annihilating the swarms of monsters that are coming to try and knock on your door.
The general gist is that you’ve got to tap on every single monster so you can shoot them full of arrows until they’re dead. Like, completely dead. There are different enemy types and each of them act a little differently. Some have a lot of health but take a lot of time to walk across the battlefield while others can be taken down in one shot but are faster and travel in groups.
There is a lot of cool variation and upgrades to work towards in the game, but man, it can get really exhausting tapping your finger as fast as possible. Fortunately you also are able to upgrade your keep and your powers, which definitely help out when your only option is to pray your walls hold as you try and wipe out the last bit.
Monster Defender is a fun game to waste some time with, it’s also one that gives you more enjoyment the longer you play. The upgrade paths aren’t too demanding and even though it’s free it doesn’t try to get you to constantly pay microtransactions.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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