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Alcazar Puzzle
Alcazar Puzzle
Alcazar Puzzle
Alcazar Puzzle
Alcazar Puzzle
Alcazar Puzzle
Alcazar Puzzle
Alcazar Puzzle

Review Alcazar Puzzle

Brandon Girod
The difficulty ramp is very gradual, controls are easy and it has a very simple premise
It might be too slow paced for some players, more difficult levels can only be unlocked by playing the ones preceding them
It seems really rare now that I come across a game that really just makes me kind of kick back and relax. And if it’s a puzzle game then you can just straight up forget about it. Alcazar Puzzle for Android was a game that I was able to slink back into the cushion of my couch and just play for a good while.
It’s more of a maze game than a puzzle, though I guess you could consider a maze a puzzle. Essentially you have a level that is made up of different tiles and you’ve got openings to the level. Sometimes you’ll have just two. Other times you’ll have several. All you have to do is draw a path from one opening to another, however you also have to make sure that you use every tile in order to succeed. That’s the tough part.
The other difficult part is finding the correct openings to use. Sometimes the most obvious choices are wrong ones, and sometimes you’ll spend too long trying to use every combination but that one. Most levels can be completed in a minute or less, especially the early ones.
What I enjoy the most about the game is the incredibly gradual difficulty ramp. Levels don’t vary much, it’s a really gradual slope that is completely easy to grow accustom to.
Alcazar Puzzle is a great maze game that is really fun to sit down and relax to. Some players might not enjoy just how slow the game can be at times, and I totally understand that, but it’s a nice change in pace when you’re coming from a frustratingly difficult endless runner.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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