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Cooking Fever
Cooking Fever
Cooking Fever
Cooking Fever
Cooking Fever
Cooking Fever
Cooking Fever

Review Cooking Fever

Brandon Girod
Fast paced but fun gameplay, the progression system allowed the player a lot of freedom, none of the restaurant building aspects felt grindy
Not a huge fan of the aesthetic
I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cooking! Yeah, I don’t think that works too well for this game, but Cooking Fever for Android is a pretty sweet cooking game. It plays out like a very lightweight Cooking Mama type game, but also includes some customization options for your restaurant as well. It’s up to you to have the most rocking restaurant ever.
Like any good restaurant, you have to start off with humble beginnings. Unlike good restaurants, you actually only start off serving hamburgers. The first few levels are kind of an introduction to the whole cooking process. You must manage every part of the cooking process such as cooking the meat, preparing the bun, and serving the drink.
Customers will approach the counter and give you visual clues as to what they want. You’ll have to make sure you pre-prepare food in order to get them taken care of as fast as possible so you can collect as much money as possible or, at the very least, avoid them leaving you unhappy.
Unfortunately, the game kind of follows along most mobile games in that you have a tiered scoring system that you’ll have to aim for by making as much money as possible. It’s pretty easy to achieve in this game, but just feels so tiresome at this point.
As you progress you can upgrade the interior of your website, upgrade your kitchen, and eventually learn more recipes to cook, and it’s all unlocked in a relatively pain-free process. There really isn’t much grinding to be found here.
Cooking Fever is a surprisingly good game that features some freemium aspects of the industry that aren’t quite as annoying as they are in most games. If you’re a fan of Cooking Mama or games like it then you’ll love this one.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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It was so nice that it make me feel better when I was feeling bore
Thanks for the game.
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