Contract Killer Zombies 2
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Contract Killer Zombies 2
Contract Killer Zombies 2
Contract Killer Zombies 2
Contract Killer Zombies 2
Contract Killer Zombies 2
Contract Killer Zombies 2

Review Contract Killer Zombies 2

Sergei Petrov
Contract Killer Zombies 2 - is an exciting third-person shooter for Android, where we will play for the surviving heroine Evelyn, which have a long road and kill many hundreds of bloodthirsty undead.
Engaged in developing a game studio Glu Mobile, which we know from the dozens of beautiful and high-quality games, among which can be distinguished Eternity Warriors 2 and Dragon Slayer . All games studios feature colorful graphics, professional approach to geimpleyu and, of course, its free.


Control of the game is quite common, the left side is a joystick for movement and the right side of the entire surface intended for aiming. By default, the game mode, in which the heroine begins to shoot the zombies only when it is pointed at the sight. It is convenient that there is a significant saving of ammunition and also inconvenient if you, for example, want to make a single shot to the head. Fortunately, the control can be easily changed in the settings.
Carry, we can simultaneously several weapons belonging to different classes. Between missions, we can buy new guns, improve them, and buy grenades, first aid kits and other attributes that are necessary for life in a post-apocalyptic world.
In Contract Killer Zombies 2 even there some sort of plot, with the entire game interface translated into Russian, but the dialogues are in English, and no subtitles and it is certainly disappointing. In general, the mission can be reduced to the ordinary tasks, like to find the object, to clean the territory, including terminals, but the location and different every time there is progress on the subject.

Features Contract Killer Zombies 2 for Android:

  • Realistic 3D-graphics with a lot of effects;
  • The presence of a large number of plot and missions;
  • Interesting fight with zombie bosses;
  • A large number of weapons;
  • Interesting mode of struggle for survival.
Glu company implements all its games concept free2play, and this means that you can play for free, and, if desired, purchase game bonuses for real money. In practice, this comes down to the fact that somewhere in the 2.4 hour game, you just can not go further, because the game is too difficult, and you will not have the right weapons to kill zombies. In such a case is two choices: either buy game currency for real rubles, or seek to obtain bonuses (find information about this in the game interface by the inscription "Free Gold").
Summary. Contract Killer Zombies 2 - is very high quality and intelligent third-person shooter, which will definitely appeal to all the owners of more or less powerful Android-gadgets, particularly tablets. Direct competitors in the game is not much, but we recommend always to look towards Dead Trigger, in some ways these games.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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Plz tell me how to download game
does it need rooting?
just plan it in your garden
Paul Sumner
This does not work on my Galaxy S (GT-I9000) any clue why?
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