Oscura: Second Shadow
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Oscura: Second Shadow
Oscura: Second Shadow
Oscura: Second Shadow
Oscura: Second Shadow
Oscura: Second Shadow
Oscura: Second Shadow
Oscura: Second Shadow
Oscura: Second Shadow
Oscura: Second Shadow
Oscura: Second Shadow

Review Oscura: Second Shadow

Jay Feldman
Unusual graphics, quality game play, simple controls
Uses a lot of system resources, too easy, very common
Oscura: Second Shadow for Android is a side scrolling platformer style game that sets a mystical troll of sorts on a quest to reclaim the lost shards of a magical stone. Gather all the pieces and restore light to these mythic lands, or die trying.
Oscura: Second Shadow displays in landscape and takes place in a series of darkened, mysterious caverns laden with perils, monsters and an array of weird obstacles. Your mission, is to help Oscura, a creepy little troll, traverse this dangerous landscape in search of the glowing shards of that dang magical stone some evil critter outright stole, then broke into a gazillion pieces. Apparently Oscura has a tube of super-glue in his pocket and is gonna stick it all back together again. Leap precipices, dodge spiky bouncing enemies, watch out for those humongous bats, and an array of monstrosities I'm not even sure how to describe. The whole game comes off a bit like a Tim Burton movie; everything's weird, nothing quite makes sense, and when the movie's finally over, you're still not quite sure what the whole thing was supposed to be about. The good news here, is at least the play makes sense. Run and grab the glowing stuff and basically avoid all else as best you can.
The controls use two directional arrows on the lower left for lateral movement, along with a lone jump button and a special ability button on the right. The graphics go or dramatic lighting, with the only source of luminescence coming from Oscura's torch and those dang glowing shards of that magical rock. The animation is clean and smooth throughout, with an engaging score that adds another layer of creepiness to the play.
Oscura: Second Shadow is a quality retro game with just enough intrigue to entertain.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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